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TAXEDO LLP is specialized in International Taxation, Structuring, Compliance, Corporate Finance and related topics. As a Boutique Law Firm and Tax Advisors, we cover all areas from Asset Protection to Tax Planning.

28 years of Experience in International Taxation and dedicated Corporate Services

Our Departments and Team Members have extensive knowledge in all areas we consult with clients. Whether tax planning, group structuring, licensing or compliance – we are ready to assist with your enquiry, investigation of your national revenue or any other matter you may have.

Each member of the team has different skill sets, specializing in certain areas of tax so we are able to offer a second to none service to our clients in the knowledge that whatever problems you may have or solutions you may need, we have the specialist for you.

If you have received a letter from your Tax Office, experience Taxation problems, have undeclared funds or income, expect a VAT inspection or have problems paying your Tax, we are able to help.

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Our highly experienced team of lawyers, tax advisers and international tax experts advise our clients in corporate and private tax planning, offering a full service including the filing of tax returns in various jurisdictions.