Foundations, Trusts & Asset Protection

Wealthy Families, Successful Entrepreneurs and cash-rich Companies need structures to separate evolving risks from underlying assets. It’s all about arranging a sustainable structure to protect your assets against all kinds of risks, aiming to avoid inheritance taxes in the future.

Planning an advantageous and sustainable structure according to your needs, avoiding excessive inheritance tax liabilities, ensuring the safeguard of your assets against all kinds of evolving risks.

Having a sophisticated, but yet legal and fully compliant Asset Protection Structure is a must-have for Family Offices, wealthy Individuals and Businesses with international structures.

We examine all legal obligations, whether in relation to national and international inheritance laws and other obstructions. As a result, clients enjoy a TOP-notch structuring from Switzerland/Liechtenstein and we consider all options (Foundations, Trusts) to minimize the tax obligations of our global, wealthy clients. 

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